Pet food innovations: news, views, insights

Environmental impact of pet food

Sustainability and the environmental impact of pet food

Accounting for 25% of total meat production, the environmental impact of pet food is considerable. How can it be made more sustainable?

Pet industry trade shows and events 2021-2022

Pet industry trade events, shows and exhibitions are a great way to keep up with trends and innovations as well as meet customers and partners.

CBD in pet food

CBD in pet food: what you need to know

Increasingly used by humans, CBD is also administered by some pet owners. But what are the potential benefits of CBD in pet food?

Sustainable pet food

The importance of sustainable pet food

Pet cats and dogs contribute significantly to climate change. Consumers want sustainable pet food, but how us the industry responding?

Developing food products for dog obesity

It’s estimated that 40% of dogs are overweight or obese in the UK. Doghop helps producers developing food products for dog obesity.

What is human-grade pet food?

Human grade pet food: what is it and is it here to stay?

Human-grade pet food is a significant trend. In this blog we look at what it means for pet product developers and brands.

Vegan dog food

Vegan dog food: three reasons why times are changing

The rise of veganism has reached the pet food industry and there is growing demand for vegan dog food. What’s involved?

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