Doghop specialises in pet food product development, helping our customers to create a range of products from treats to complete food products.

We primarily focus on creating products for dogs but have been developing pet products generally for over a decade. We can help on a full-service, outsourced basis or support your development process with individual services to take your product from idea to launch.

Idea generation and concept development

The Doghop team will help to take your idea product brief and turn it into a product prototype with a recipe that meets your requirements – nutrition, claims, shelf-life, ingredient choice and so forth. The process typically begins with a conversation to understand your goals and discuss your options – contact us to get started.

Initial recipe generation

Our team will work with you to create a recipe that meets your brief and requirements. Initially, we will create a ‘paper prototype’ using our experience to generate a recipe that meets the brief.

Development of prototype samples

We then create a physical prototype product (or products), either remotely or together in our development kitchen. Typically, we iterate the product to ensure it delivers the appropriate claims along with the nutritional and sensory requirements. We can even produce small batches of product for sampling, market testing or pitching.

Ensure product stability and shelf-life

Working closely with testing laboratories, Doghop can advise on product safety and compliance through ingredient choice, microbiological criteria, and testing for product shelf-life.

Fix, improve and guide

If your product is too expensive or isn’t retaining its quality over shelf life, Doghop can help. We can guide you through this complete process via consultancy and support on a project or hourly basis.

Find the right manufacturing route and partner to scale-up your business

How do you ensure that the right amount of product is made at the right time? Do you know how production will scale-up as sales increase? Doghop will support your business by creating a manufacturing plan, defining your requirements and find the right manufacturing partner for your product. Alternatively, we can help you establish your own in-house product process.

Create your product documentation

The team can help you prepare all the documentation your product needs – including labels, product and process specifications, and your due diligence information.

To find out we can help you take your product from idea to reality, contact Doghop now.