Dog Food Toppers - The answer for picky pets?

Dog food toppers: the answer for picky pets?

7 in 10 dog owners say their pet is a pickier eater than their children. Are dog food toppers the answer?

Organic Pet Food

Organic pet food on the rise

As for humans, there’s been an increased focus on health and wellness, what is the rise of organic pet food all about?

Recent innovative pet food launches

Recent innovative pet food launches are being driven by pet health, nutrition, sustainability and owners’ lifestyles.

Functional pet food ingredients

Functional pet food ingredients on the rise

Functional pet food ingredients boost general health or address specific concerns, such as weight management, digestion and immune strength.

Pet Food Start-Ups

Five pet food start-ups shaping the future

Pet food start-ups have boomed in recent years. The market is almost as dynamic as the human food industry, rife with new trends and innovation.

Millennial pet owners - trends and behaviours

Millennial pet owners: trends and preferences

Many younger pet owners share their healthy lifestyles with their pets. What are the preferences and trends among millennial pet owners?

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